Who is Perfect Solutions?

An interview with the founder, Erk Thomsen

I: Mr Thomsen, your company has been on the market since September 2016. How would you describe Perfect Solutions in one sentence?

E: Perfect Solutions, your experienced and individual supplier of trainings and coachings in German and English speaking regions.

I: What about your experience? You have not worked freelance for a very long time?

E: That is correct. However, I have a lot of professional experience in the most varied fields and all of this is integrated in the company.

I: Could you give us some more details?

E: I was born in 1966 and managed a craft business with up to 25 employees on the island of Sylt in Germany after my training and academic years.

I: That is a completely different world?

E: At first glance, yes. However, our company had a strong focus on the complete planning and realisation of high-quality bathrooms. Our customers received advice at our exhibition and were guided to a good final decision. Those were my tools for what came then and especially for the current topic of Perfect Solutions. In addition, I was accredited as a publicly appointed and sworn-in expert which gave me a deeper insight into our technically dominated field at that time.

Today, you live Switzerland, how did it go on at that time?

E: In 2006, a professional reorientation ensued. I took over the area of Global Staff Training at the Swiss sanitary Technology Group Geberit.

I: Okay, so here you took a step towards training.

E: Yes, absolutely. I started all over: In the following 10 years, I was able to develop the training area of the company which, after all, is the world market leader in a field of the building supplier industry and successfully made it to what it is today – a recognized institution within a worldwide operating and culturally versatile group. This meant, in particular, that my team and I offered trainings of any kind to all staff members. The focus, however, was on training national as well as international sales staff. This involved seminars in the field of engineering and applications and – later increasingly – in the field of sales and personal development. In this respect, I was, for example, able to develop, launch and realise international sales seminar projects on behalf of Group Management.

I: This sounds like embarking on new paths?

E: Exactly, in all these years, I again and again had the chance of gaining helpful experiences which always took me a step further and, nevertheless, formed a logical link to previous activities. In this way, I also benefited later from the sales experience gained within this special field at my former company. It fit perfectly to what I was planning.

I: And then it apparently went on in a different way, what happened then?

E: In 2016, a change was due. I decided to go freelance in the field of training and consulting. The idea for Perfect Solutions was born.

I: And that took place in September of 2016?

E: Yes. An exciting and happy moment.

I: What does Perfect Solutions have to offer?

E: As I have already said, I can look back on a long and versatile time in my profession. All of this now forms part of my offer and becomes a benefit for my customers. This means, not too much of an academic approach. But a pragmatic and solution-oriented one combined with a trainer who is used to flying at different altitudes and thus speaks the language of participants. And finally, a trainer who knows what he is talking about.

I: So also authentic?

E: Yes, absolutely. I think that is an important precondition for being accepted and working successfully.

I: How is this reflected in your seminars?

E: To keep it short: I offer sales trainings on different levels and various topics. Furthermore, seminars on personal development form part of my repertoire. I use, inter alia, the DiSC typology in which I am additionally trained and licensed. Another topic is the area of change management in companies which covers, in my case, monitoring and the support of change processes within companies. This is a wide field in which communication methods may also form part of the measures. In the area of consulting, I support companies intending to benefit from my experience in planning and operating a training academy.

I: This adds up to quite a lot.

E: Well, ultimately it always concerns a company having to overcome a challenge and looking for support to find a solution. And that is where I like to come in.

I: These are very nice closing words. Mr Thomsen, thank you very much for your time.

E: And thank you for your interest.


Perfect Solutions is the ideal partner in creating and realising sustainable training concepts within the challenging dialogues in multi-level sales or in sales-oriented claims and technical competence.


Our services in a nutshell

Customised basic and advanced seminars or coachings for successful sales, e.g. with a focus on:
  • Sales in a B2B setting
  • Sales in a B2C setting
  • Sales in a key account setting
  • Special requirements in the multi-level sales process
  • Up-selling, the royal discipline in selling
  • Closer to the customer using personality type oriented selling
  • Individual coaching of the field sales force


Motivating workshops/trainings or also coachings in the
area of personal development, e.g. with these topics:
  • Analysis according to DiSC as a precondition to good cooperation
  • The ideal team as a basis for creative and value-adding processes
  • Handling individual strength profiles for more efficiency and fun in the team
  • Mutual appreciation for more positive energy in the team


More and sustainable company success
using conscious communication, e.g. by:
  • Using various, established coaching methods
  • Support in challenging change management processes
  • Facilitating according to the action learning method
Individual engineering trainings to improve product competence:
  • Focus on building equipment
  • Staff and/or customer oriented


Support in recruiting processes:
  • Support by analyses based on the DiSC personality analysis to fill vacant positions in an optimum fashion


Consulting in setting up/optimising company-owned training academies


Last but not least:
  • The optimum assistance and support of all your needs is safeguarded by links to further partners and networks. We thus have an expert always available.

Perfect Solutions is part of the Archiveda Academy. Be excited and inspired by www.archiveda.com

Support in all areas



Executive development

Team building


Change management processes


Field staff support

Personality analyses

Coaching in sales processes

Perfect Solutions & Co.

Seminars on the topic:

Effect: body language and voice

Seminars on the topic: Confident negotiating

Seminars on the topic: Purchasing

Seminars on the topic: Corporate strategy

Mystery shopping


Face-to-face training

DiSC personality analysis according to CG Jung


Action learning



We will gladly provide personal advice for your individual wishes or if you have any questions about us and our contribution to your company’s success. Just contact us.

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